Bhutan is popularly known as “The Land of Thunder Dragons” and “The Last Shangri-La”. The Bhutanese tourism industry is based on the principles of sustainability i.e. the tours must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable as well as economically viable. Bhutan offers one of the best cultural tours in South Asia and it is considered an ideal destination for the ones who are enthusiastic to learn the culture and lifestyle of the people. The Bhutanese cultural heritage is rooted from the Mahayani Buddhism and is still intact despite of the contact with the modern world. As you travel along the cities, you will be welcomed by the stunning architectures especially in the temples and fortress with the patterns of flowers, animals and religious motifs decorated in their traditional colors and patterns. The best way to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan is via witnessing the colorful Buddhist festivals. There are many festivals that are celebrated throughout the year with equal enthusiasm and with huge number of participants.

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