Scuba Diving is an adventurous activity which is gaining its popularity in Nepal as well. Scuba Diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver carries own source of breathing gas so they can freely explore the beauty of the water world. Pokhara has been a rising destination for scuba diving in the clear water resources. For those who are seeking for the adventure but are lacking the opportunity, we at explore Himalaya can provide the experience of underwater diving with the experience instructor. You will be introduced to the amazing underwater world in river of Pokhara at 800 meters above sea level.  We conduct the Discover Scuba Diving half day trip (3 to 4 hours trip) from February to April and September to November time of the year, as we are lucky to have a constant water temperature between 27 - 28 Degrees Celsius (80 -82 Fahrenheit) and fantastic underwater visibility. The maximum depth of the underwater diving will be 30 ft. 

Scuba Diving Packages