Fishtail Air, one of our sister companies, is a pioneer in helicopter charter services in Nepal. Since its inception in 1997, Fishtail Air has been ceaselessly offering its services for rescue, medical evacuation, corporate movement, expedition support, and any other tailored missions. The trainings required for this wide range of operational capabilities are done in collaboration with the Swiss company Air Zermatt who also specializes in rescue missions. Fishtail Air holds several records for the highest rescue in the world, the first being in an incredible altitude of 7,800 meters on Everest, and the second was performed at an altitude of 6,900 meters by a team of Fishtail Air & Air Zermatt using ‘Human Sling Operation’ on Mt. Annapurna. As the first standby helicopter rescue service in Nepal, Fishtail Air is always ready to offer its expertise for missions with a wide variety of needs and requirements.

Rescue and Evacuation Packages